President Obama just called for Automatic Voter Registration in Illinois!

BREAKING: President Obama just called for Automatic Voter Registration in Illinois!

This is huge. Nine years to the day after he announced his historic candidacy, President Obama in Springfield today said:


He’s right —we need to make this happen, and our legislators in Springfield needs to act today to get it done.

Contact your lawmakers and tell them every eligible votershould be registered automatically!

Here’s a scary number: 50 million Americans who were eligible to vote in the 2012 election didn’t even register! Another 12 million weren’t able to vote because of problems with their voter registration. That shouldn’t happen in the most advanced democracy in the world.

Citizens deserve a modern way to access our democracy’s most important right. States like California and Oregon have already figured it out — they automatically register eligible voters when they get their driver’s licenses or ID at the DMV. That’s brought thousands of citizens onto the voter rolls, a huge step towards making sure everyone who should be able to vote, can vote.

Tell your legislators to support Automatic Voter Registration!

Record turnout in the first two states to vote — last night in New Hampshire and last week in Iowa — shows how hungry voters are to have their say in our democracy. Our democracy works best when everyone participates, and automatic voter registration will do just that.

The reforms President Obama calls for would open the door for millions of citizens to participate . Voting is the cornerstone of our democracy — and the more people voting, the better job elected officials will do representing the interests of the people.

Send a message to your legislators, urging them to help build a better democracy by passing automatic voter registration.