Election Day Registration Restored – Common Cause Applauds Appellate Court

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  • Brian Gladstein

Common Cause Illinois and other members of the Just Democracy Illinois coalition applaud the appellate judge for halting a lower court judge’s decision, which would have stopped all Election Day voter registration in polling places. Illinoisans will continue to be able to register to vote at polling places on Election Day for the upcoming election.

“Common sense has prevailed as Election Day registration is restored in polling places across Illinois,” said Brian Gladstein, Executive Director of Common Cause Illinois. “To remove this option so close to an election would have caused irreparable harm, especially in under-registered communities. More than 110,000 people registered to vote on Election Day last March, and now Illinoisans will continue to have access to their elections.”

The challenge to Election Day Registration was a troubling tactic to limit voter turnout during a crucial election year. While this decision allows voters to register on November 8th, the appellate court will still need to decide the merits of the case at a later date. A judge on Tuesday granted that motion, while also giving the defendants until Thursday to provide a statement about why they believe the appeals should be expedited before the November election.

Common Cause encourages voters with questions about registration to contact 866-OUR-VOTE.