Chicagoans Are Called Upon to Volunteer as Poll Monitors to Prevent Voting-Related Issues on Election Day

CHICAGO — Common Cause Illinois urges Chicagoans to volunteer in their Election Protection program as a non-partisan Poll Monitor for the April 4 runoff elections.

The stakes in this historic, contentious election are high, with several City Council seats and the mayor’s office hanging in the balance.

Poll monitors support voters as well as help to ensure the election is free and fair by tracking compliance with state and federal law and best practice at each voting location they visit, documenting voter experience including wait times, tech problems, language and disability access. Poll monitors also solve problems on the spot and escalate difficult issues to a Command Center staffed by attorneys and other experts.  

“As we saw on Feb. 28, every election has real life consequences.” said Mary Stonor Saunders, policy and outreach manager of Common Cause Illinois. “This year, it couldn’t be clearer how important these races are. With two candidates representing different approaches to education, public safety, and more, it’s essential that every Chicagoan’s voice is heard. That means making sure our election is free of electioneering or voter intimidation.” 

The volunteer poll monitors are a part of a larger Election Protection program, which features a hotline with trained volunteers and attorneys who field questions and provide advice if there are disputes, concerns or confusion about an individual voter or polling place. Voters are encouraged to report any problems at polling locations or any instances of voter suppression by calling 866-OUR-VOTE. 

Registered Illinois residents are eligible to volunteer and are encouraged to view online trainings by using this link

All questions regarding volunteering or Illinois’ Election Protection program can be directed to Mary Stonor Saunders at 312-376-3831.


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