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Voting & Elections 03.18.2020

The Nation: ‘Today, the United States of America Failed to Live Up to Our Democratic Ideals’

Common Cause Illinois Executive Director Jay Young got it right when he said, “The coronavirus pandemic was a stress test for our voting process here in Illinois, and it’s clear that we failed.”

Voting & Elections 03.17.2020

The Washington Times: ‘Least Bad Solutions’: Voters, Officials Endure ‘Hectic and Trying Day’ at Polls

“It has been a hectic and trying day,” said Jay Young, executive director of the advocacy group Common Cause Illinois. “We immediately began seeing problems principally around polling places where election judges had chosen not to show.”

Voting & Elections 01.29.2020

State Journal-Register: Illinois Discloses Fresh Problems with Voter Registration

“Our coalition’s attempts to engage the Secretary of State’s office in a process of accountability and transparency have been stonewalled time and again,” Jay Young, Executive Director for Common Cause Illinois, said in a statement. ”’They’ve given us no way to verify the few claims they’ve made about fixing AVR.”

Voting & Elections 01.20.2020

The DePaulia: Illinois Voter Registration Bill Sparks Controversy Over Implementation

Automatic voter registration seemed to be the only thing Illinois state Democrats and Republicans could agree on in 2017. The bill received not only bipartisan, but unanimous support by state senators, making Illinois the 10th state to sign in automatic voter registration in August 2017.

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