Corporate Media Consolidation: A Threat To Democracy

Today, Common Cause Illinois is beginning a campaign in favor of publicly funded news outlets. This is a direct response to the corporate consolidation sweeping our state and the nation as a whole.

Alden Global Capital, a billion-dollar hedge fund dubbed as the ‘grim-reaper’ of American journalism, has successfully bought the Chicago Tribune and other associated outlets. This consolidation of our print media market poses a fundamental threat to democracy here in Illinois. Alden has already bought out many Pulitzer prize winning and decorated career journalists at the Chicago Tribune in order to cut costs and squeeze the remaining profit out of the Tribune before it forces the newspaper to foreclose in the not-so-distant future.

Illinois needs a strong press core now more than ever to hold corrupt politicians in Springfield accountable for their actions. The Chicago Tribune was one of the first publications to report on former speaker Madigan’s ties with ComEd and the federal investigation associated with it. We need your support to tell state legislators that they need a watchdog like the Tribune in the future.

While the Chicago Tribune may be facing an expiring clock, a public alternative can fill the void left when it’s gone. While we might disagree about 99% of funding priorities in Springfield, Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike can agree a public watchdog keeping our lawmakers accountable would be a vital use of taxpayer dollars. We need your help to raise this issue and make this priority one for the next legislative session.

Follow along with our campaign and join us in our bid to save Illinois from another era of no accountability in Springfield.