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Voting & Elections 08.23.2017

Fixing Illinois' Broken Electoral Systems

Automatic voter registration will reduce costs, speed up the voting process, and secure voter lists.

Voting & Elections 08.8.2017

New Ruling Saves Same-Day

The Illinois Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals saved implementation of same-day voter registration in the state of Illinois.

Voting & Elections 03.15.2017

Testimony in support of SB1933 Automatic Voter Registration

Every American – Republican, Democrat, or Independent – has a fundamental right to vote and have their voted counted. Our democracy works best when everybody makes his or her voice heard on Election Day.

Voting & Elections 08.15.2016

More Than 5,000 Common Cause Members Are Already Working To Override Rauner’s Veto

More Than 5,000 Common Cause Members Are Already Working To Override Rauner’s Veto

Voting & Elections 08.3.2016

Let's Make Illinois A Leader In Voting Rights

Time is running out for you to sign Automatic Voter Registration, a groundbreaking piece of legislation that will increase the number of participants in our democracy – by up to 2 million citizens

Voting & Elections 05.24.2016

Why Republicans Should Love Automatic Voter Registration

A new voting reform is sweeping the nation called Automatic Voter Registration (AVR). California, Oregon, Vermont, and West Virginia have all passed variations of AVR to bring more people into the voting process.

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