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Voting & Elections 03.2.2023

Changes in Vote-By-Mail Process May Catch Some Voters by Surprise

All vote-by-mail requests in Florida expired at the end of 2022, affecting millions of voters.

Voting & Elections 11.4.2022

Common Cause Florida Urges Voters to Track their Vote-By-Mail Ballots

More than 15,000 vote-by-mail ballots have been set aside, and Florida voters have until next Thursday to fix.

Voting & Elections 10.28.2022

Early Voting Also Begins Statewide Saturday

Early voting will be up and running in every Florida county, and registered voters can still request and get a vote-by-mail ballot.

Voting & Elections 08.24.2022

Media Advisory: Florida Voters with Signature Issues on Vote-By-Mail Ballots Have Until 5 p.m. Thursday to Fix

Voters will be contacted by their county supervisor of elections' offices and will need to submit additional information to have their vote counted.

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