Remarks by Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn on the impeachment of President Donald Trump

On December 18, 2019, Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn joined a bipartisan event outside of Congress to call for the impeachment of President Donald Trump. Below are her prepared remarks.

I am Karen Hobert Flynn and I stand here today representing the 1. 2 million members of Common Cause. For 50 years, we’ve been fighting to protect our democracy, and uphold the rule of law.

I have worked with Common Cause, a nonpartisan organization for three decades, and I am here to tell you that calling for President Trump’s impeachment and removal is not an act of partisanship, but an act of patriotism.

Those who are complicit and stay silent are partisan.

Those who rig our democracy and break our laws are partisan.

Those who lie about the facts are partisan.

Those who obstruct the impeachment investigation are partisan.

And those Members of Congress who vote against the articles of impeachment today are partisan.

Last night tens of thousands of Americans took part in the hundreds of rallies across the country and echoed the same message: no one is above the law, not even the president of the United States.

Those rallies are truly what democracy looks like. We saw everyday people come out in the cold, rain, and snow to support upholding the rule of law and holding power accountable by impeaching a lawless president.

We know President Trump’s abuse of power and wrongdoing doesn’t stop at Ukraine or stonewalling Congress. He’s been breaking the law since he started his campaign.

He invited foreign interference in our elections.

He pocketed bribes from foreign governments.

He abused his power by interfering with the Russia investigation.

He violated multiple campaign finance laws – and said he would do it again.

He has failed his oath of office by refusing to safeguard our elections from foreign interference.

He has normalized hatred, racism, and xenophobia.

And so, today, on behalf of Common Cause’s 1.2 million members and supporters, we call for the impeachment and removal of President Donald Trump!

Now let’s be clear: if Congress does not impeach and remove Trump, it shows him, and every elected official, that there are no consequences for breaking our laws.

Time and time again, Trump has put himself above the law.

Even as we speak, Trump is undermining the 2020 election. He continues to invite foreign interference. He continues to cheat the public by violating our campaign finance laws.

Every Member of Congress must country over party and vote YES for impeachment today! To our elected officials, including our Republican Members of Congress: we know this will take courage. We know you will face Trump’s wrath.

But you were elected to make courageous decisions. You swore an oath to the constitution that We The People expect you to keep.

Today we mobilize for impeachment, but no matter what happens today and in the Senate trial, we will not rest until we have an accountable democracy that works for everyone.

Our nation’s darkest moments have been followed by its greatest triumphs — after Watergate, the American people responded with a new wave of civic engagement — holding politicians accountable and passing reforms that give power back to ordinary people.

I believe we’re in a similar moment today. The movement today will not stop at holding just one elected official accountable. Together will bring power back to the people.

We must protect our elections.

We must protect our democracy.

We must defend our constitution.

We must impeach and remove Donald Trump from office!