Common Cause Participates In Historic #NotAboveTheLaw Events Across The Country

In the last 24 hours, there were over 600 events across the country with over two hundred thousand Americans calling for the impeachment and removal of President Trump. Many showed up in the cold, rain, and snow.

Common Cause played a vital role in participating, speaking at, and organizing many of these events. Below are some highlights of Common Cause’s involvement.

Watch Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn speaks at an impeachment rally outside of Congress this morning in Washington, DC

Watch Common Cause North Carolina Executive Director Bob Phillips rallies the crowd at a #NotAboveTheLaw event in Raleigh.

We must make clear, now and for future generations, what lines a President simply cannot be allowed to cross. This vote could come down to the wire. Trump’s attack machine has gone into overdrive to delegitimize Congress’s constitutional oversight — spending millions on attack ads to intimidate Democrats and Republicans alike out of supporting impeachment. It’s up to us to make sure Congress uses every constitutional means available to hold this President accountable — impeachment, but also continuing to investigate Trump’s wrongdoing. 

Common Cause activists from Boston to Hawaii stood up to join this historic nationwide mobilization on the eve of Trump’s impeachment vote to demonstrate to our lawmakers that their constituents are behind them to defend the Constitution—and that Trump has left them no alternative to uphold their oath of office but to support impeachment and removal.

Keep scrolling and check out our photos from the rallies.