Redistricting Litigation Update

Thanks to your action and support, our litigation team is suing to STOP gerrymandering, and winning in many of the highest-profile fights for fair redistricting in key states across the country.

We’ve been sounding the alarm all year about an unprecedented wave of extreme gerrymandering – driven by politicians who would rather rig district maps to their own advantage than give voters a voice in government.

And despite the serious threat these anti-democracy gerrymanders still pose, with your help we have won multiple major victories for voters:

But unfortunately, there are more legal battles ahead, including major recent activity in:

And even in states where the courts have found in our favor, we are now facing intense days or weeks of advocating for new maps that protect all voters – that may result in more litigation if the final maps aren’t up to legal standards.

We are only able to involve ourselves in so many critical fights for fair maps at once because we’re backed up by 1.5 million people like you – who care about our democracy and are ready to do what it takes to defend it.

You can learn more about our nationwide work for fair maps and fair representation on our website.