Common Cause North Carolina Highlights Unfair Representation in New Mailer

Common Cause North Carolina Highlights Unfair Representation in New Mailer

North Carolina mailing to rising American electorate

About 9,000 North Carolina voters will receive flyers in the mail this week inviting them to join the fight against the manipulation of legislative boundaries for partisan gain. The mailing targets “rising American electorate” (RAE) voters, which includes unmarried women, Hispanics, African Americans, and young voters.

The flyer states: “Maybe the politicians will hear OUR voices when they can’t manipulate their elections. Help us end gerrymandering now! Sign the people’s petition at”

Common Cause North Carolina has been a leader in the End Gerrymandering Now coalition. This effort has brought together an unlikely team of right- and left-leaning organizations and individuals to oppose both parties’ use of the redistricting process to create congressional and state legislative districts that leave voters powerless to effect change at the ballot box. North Carolina’s legislature gerrymandered its own seats so effectively that almost one-third of them will run unopposed in the 2014 general election.  

Go to End Gerrymandering Now for more information. See the flyer North Carolinians will receive.