Like Baseball and Apple Pie

Like Baseball and Apple Pie

The large broadband providers say that they support net neutrality in the same way that we all support baseball and apple pie, but the devil's in the details.

Yesterday, I discussed net neutrality with Precursor LLC President Scott Cleland on CNBC’s Nightly Business Report. On the show, I refuted Cleland’s claim that the large broadband providers support net neutrality.

After the old net neutrality rules were thrown out, Comcast, and later, Verizon used their power to throttle Netflix speeds. And they certainly don’t support net neutrality principles as resoundingly as the rest of us do.

FCC Chairman Tom Wheeler’s proposal for new net neutrality rules under Title II is good news for consumers and innovators alike and a promise to protect free expression. Now we should make sure Congress doesn’t stop the FCC from doing its job.