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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Media & Democracy 09.7.2021

Democracy’s Essential Infrastructure

Successful self-government depends upon a well-informed citizenry. Democracy is premised on the belief that an informed electorate is best able to set the course of government. But if we the people are denied the news and facts needed to make sound judgments, we will make decisions that harm our nation.


Covid-19 Has Shown How Little Mississippi Does for Children

America needs to protect the health & safety of incarcerated people during COVID-19

Incarcerated people are contracting COVID-19 at a staggering rate, this is not only an alarming public health issue but because of our country’s racist system of mass incarceration -- it’s a major racial justice issue, too.

Voting & Elections 05.8.2020

The American people are clear: they support voting by mail and other options to expand access to the ballot

Several new public polls make clear that the vast majority of Americans support innovative and commonsense reforms to make voting more accessible and secure.

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