3 chances to restore democracy this Election Day

3 chances to restore democracy this Election Day

3 ballot initiatives could help change the way we vote for the better, coast-to-coast

On Election Day 2015, voters will have a chance to change the way we pick our leaders for the better. Voters are taking matters into their own hands and working together to build a democracy — and you can help!

Citizens in Maine will be voting on the Clean Elections package to strengthen public financing, increase transparency, and hold rule breakers accountable. Ohio voters will have the chance to pass bipartisan redistricting and a ban on partisan gerrymandering. And the Honest Elections Seattle initiative will put strict limits on campaign spending, and give voters a voucher to support candidates they like.

Campaigns like these are vital step towards restoring balance to our system. Please get involved, donate, and tell your friends and families in Maine, Ohio, and Seattle to get out and vote for a stronger democracy. And if you live in another state or city, find out more about what citizens in Maine, Ohio, and Seattle have been doing — and put these sorts of clean elections initiatives on your ballots.

Maine Clean Elections: http://www.accountableelections.org/
Ohio Question 1: http://www.yesforissue1.org/
Seattle Honest Elections: http://honestelectionsseattle.org/