Delaware Legislature Sends Same-Day Voter Registration Bill to Governor’s Desk

The Delaware Senate has just passed HS 1 for HB 25, a bill providing for same-day voter registration, including at polling places on Election Day. The bill now goes to Governor Carney’s desk for a signature. 

The bill will eliminate Delaware’s early registration deadline, which is currently the fourth Saturday prior to the date of the election. The deadlines to change party affiliation before primary elections would remain unchanged. Read testimony of Common Cause Delaware Executive Director Claire Snyder-Hall on the bill here.

Statement of Common Cause Delaware Executive Director Claire Snyder-Hall

Common Cause Delaware thanks the General Assembly for passing the same-day registration bill. We have been working to get this bill passed for many years, so we are particularly pleased about its passage.

This is a huge step forward for voters. In a state where 12% of the population moves every year, voter registration will no longer be a barrier to casting our ballots. People who move will no longer face an outdated voter registration blackout period. Voters who discover mistakes on their registration will be able to correct them – and still be able to cast a ballot.

No Delawarean should be denied the freedom to vote because they missed an arbitrary and pointless early deadline to register. 

We appreciate the Senate action today, and the House approval two weeks ago. All First State voters will benefit from this change, as it helps move Delaware toward the goal of universal voter participation.