Delaware Auditor Indicted – Statement of Common Cause Delaware

Delaware’s elected state Auditor, Kathleen K. McGuiness, was indicted yesterday on charges including conflict-of-interest, theft, official misconduct and intimidation.

Statement of Common Cause Delaware Director Claire Snyder-Hall

Public service is supposed to be about serving the public.

Elected officials are not supposed to use their power to benefit their children, line the pockets of their political supporters, or treat their elected office as a personal fiefdom. We’ve all watched a high-profile example of such behavior in recent years – but it’s still not right.

If these charges are true, they are a particularly egregious violation of the public trust. Delaware’s Auditor is supposed to prevent and detect these sorts of activities, to protect our taxpayer dollars from misuse. Our state officials are supposed to act in the public’s interest, not their own.

Delawareans shouldn’t have to wonder what our elected officials are up to, or whose interests are being served.

We appreciate the work of the grand jury, and we will be watching this case closely.