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Opinion: The public has a right to know

"At its core, this issue is about the public’s right to know what is going on behind the walls of academe."

Money & Influence 05.1.2024

Alex Knopp (opinion): Will CT become a front in the disinformation war waged by foreign actors?

"As the next presidential election draws nearer, we have every reason to believe that our foes will ramp up their efforts to covertly influence American voters."

Voting & Elections 03.14.2024

Connecticut attorney general warns that ‘ranked choice voting’ could violate state Constitution

Cheri Quickmire weighs in on recent pushes for ranked choice voting in Connecticut.

Media & Democracy 03.12.2024

Connecticut’s Legislature Considers Investing Half Of State Ad Dollars In Local Media

“This bill would create a winning scenario for all involved."

Media & Democracy 03.11.2024

Opinion: Use local media for state advertising

RB5408 is an essential step to protecting a well-functioning and well-informed democracy.

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