Connecticut’s Legislature Considers Investing Half Of State Ad Dollars In Local Media

“This bill would create a winning scenario for all involved."

This article originally appeared on on March 12, 2024.

Below is executive director Cheri Quickmire’s comment H.B. No. 5408, a bill that would require the state agencies to spend at least half of their advertising budget with local media outlets beginning Jan. 1.

No broadcasters spoke during the hearing, but several print outlets advocated for the bill to be passed. So did Common Cause’s Connecticut chapter. “The media today – print, radio, television, and the internet – play an extremely important role in American society,” said Executive Director Cheri Quickmire. She told lawmakers that with most radio, TV, and newspaper outlets owned by giant corporations, the bill would not punish them while throwing a lifeline to local outlets. “This bill would create a winning scenario for all involved,” Quickmire said. “The state would be better able to reach its citizens while still having the freedom to advertise with other out-of-state-owned or national outlets, communities would be better reached with state advertising and vital local news outlets like ours would be able to better serve our community.”

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