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After passing historic 2021 legislation, Connecticut must now put automatic voter registration into action for eligible voters beyond the Dept. of Motor Vehicles to other state agencies to streamline our voting systems--keeping the voter rolls safe, accessible, and up-to-date.

Building a democracy that works for all of us in Connecticut.

Common Cause in Connecticut is a nonprofit, nonpartisan citizens’ lobby working for open, honest, and accountable government for everyone. Our members and coalition partners won historic voting rights legislative victories in 2021 after playing key roles ensuring all voters could cast absentee ballots due to Covid-19 for the 2020 Primary and General Elections. For the 2020 General Election we went a step further to protect the vote with our nonpartisan Election Protection program mobilizing Social Media Election Monitors as well as Roving Poll Monitors.

Previously we secured and now continue to protect and expand the strongest campaign finance law in the nation, the Citizens’ Election Program. The CEP is a small dollar donor supported program that provides state grants for candidates willing to raise sufficient qualifying contributions.

With 2021 legislative steps toward Early and No-Excuse Absentee Voting and legislative wins on Automatic Voter Registration (AVR), Re-enfranchisement of Citizens on Parole and much more, Connecticut voters can be proud of moving forward while some states have been pushed backward. We continue to protect voting freedoms while advancing racial and economic justice.

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Historic Victories for Connecticut Voting Freedoms

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