Connecticut attorney general warns that ‘ranked choice voting’ could violate state Constitution

Cheri Quickmire weighs in on recent pushes for ranked choice voting in Connecticut.

This article originally appeared in the Milford Mirror on January 17, 2024 and was written by Ken Dixon.  

Cheri Quickmire, executive director of Common Cause in Connecticut, the voter-rights watchdog group, said that RCV offers voters more choices and gives a wider range of candidates a better chance to win election.

“Common Cause thinks it’s an election reform that should be carefully examined, that in places like New York have proven to be successful,” Quickmire said in a phone interview. Last year, the process was used in New York’s City Council election. In 2020, the United States Supreme Court rejected an attempt by Republicans in the state of Maine to overturn that state’s RCV law.

“People are mostly positive about it. We do not have an organizational position. As states support it, then we work to see that it is appropriately enacted. We should look at options for making elections accessible to all voters.”

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