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Voting & Elections 03.23.2021

Fri., March 26, 1:00PM Legislative Hearing on a State Voting Rights Act for Connecticut, Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) and Restoring Voting Rights to Those on Parole


SAMPLE Testimony for Automatic Voter Registration (AVR) in Support of HB 5872 for Friday, Mar. 19th Public Hearing

Voting & Elections 03.16.2021

Friday, Mar. 19th, 11:00AM – Legislative Hearing on (among other things) expanding Automatic Voter Registration (AVR)

Money & Influence 03.16.2021

Friday, March 19th, 11:00AM Legislative Public Hearing on (among other things) Strengthening the Citizens’ Election Program

Voting & Elections 03.6.2021

Weds. Mar. 10th, 1:00PM – Legislative Hearing on Making the 2020 Absentee Ballot Drop Boxes Permanent, Automatic Voter Registration, Restoration of Voting Rights to Individuals on Parole


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