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Join the thousands across the country who instantly rally when there is a threat to our democracy.


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Common Cause Adds Four National Governing Board Members, Including Two Reflecting Youth Perspectives

Common Cause and the Common Cause Education Fund today welcomed Braxton Brewington, Wendy Fields, Shae Harris and Tami Sawyer as new National Governing Board Members. Two of the new members have experience working with the organization’s growing Student Alliance as Democracy Fellows at Historical Black Colleges and Universities.

CENSUS COUNT ENDS TODAY: Community leaders nationwide decry effect of Supreme Court Ruling and Call on Congress to Save the Census 

The US Supreme Court on Tuesday stayed a federal District Court decision and allowed the government to stop counting households two weeks earlier than planned. In a media briefing call today, community leaders described how their states would be affected by the sudden end to census counting and shortened data processing timeline.

Voting & Elections 10.1.2020

Common Cause Georgia Urges Secretary Raffensperger to Ensure Georgians Are Not Denied the Right to Vote on November 3

"In June, Georgia voters were denied their right to vote when polling places ran out of ballots. If Secretary Raffensperger has taken any action to prevent that from happening again -- for example, by increasing the number of paper ballots in each polling place -- we haven’t heard about it."

Voting & Elections 09.18.2020

Common Cause Targeted – Democracy Attacked

Today, not one, but two teams of investigative journalists released major stories with some big political news – and it isn’t Common Cause or our allies who they investigated. Add to that the District Attorney in Wake County, North Carolina, who has opened a preliminary review into the same subject and it is clear, no one affiliated with Common Cause or our allies have done anything wrong. 

Money & Influence 09.6.2020

Postmaster Louis DeJoy Alleged to have Illegally Reimbursed Employees for Campaign Contributions

"Megadonor Louis DeJoy seemingly broke multiple campaign finance laws, continuing a dangerous pattern of turning our institutions of government upside-down, from the postal service to our election campaigns."

Census Bureau Reversal Reeks of Politics

The Census is the bedrock of our democracy, and we cannot afford to politicize the count. But that is exactly what political appointees to the Census Bureau are doing in reversing course and shortening the enumeration period against the recommendations of career staff who insisted they required additional time to conduct an accurate census count during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

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