NEW MEXICO Thursday’s Legislative Actions and Upcoming Hearings

Posted by Heather Ferguson and Viki Harrison on February 23, 2017

A photo of the New Mexico Roundhouse floor

HJR 3, Independent Redistricting Commission, sponsored by Representative Carl Trujillo, Senator Bill O'Neil and Senator Mark Moores, had its second hearing of the session today in the House Local Government, Elections, Land Grant and Cultural Affairs Committee.

Committee members had thoughtful questions and comments regarding the make-up of the commission and plans for the commission's proposed actions. Based on their feedback, we are in the process of drafting amendments for the committee to review the bill and discuss HJR3 in committee again on Tuesday, February 28 at 1:30 PM in Room 315

Our HUGE thanks to all the advocates who came to the hearing to support HJR3 today including the League of Women Voters NM, Retake our Democracy, NM NAACP and numerous citizen advocates from Santa Fe and the Embudo Alliance.

HB 28, Automatic Voter Registration, sponsored by Representative Patricia Roybal Caballero, was tabled today in the House Local Government, Elections, Land Grant and Cultural Affairs Committee. We appreciate the Representative's hard work on this legislation this session and her continued dedication to encouraging increased voter registration and participation.

Friday, February 24

SB 224, Register Voters 3 Days Before Elections, sponsored by Sen. Jeff Steinborn, is scheduled for the Senate Public Affairs Committee at 1:30 p.m. (or a ½ hr. after floor session). This bill will extend the Voter Registration Deadline by allowing registration through the Saturday before Election Day. Democracy works best when the highest number of people participate in the process. Low voter turnout has been a problem in New Mexico, and registering through early voting is an effective way to boost voter turnout.

Our election officials currently have the technology to process voter registration forms in real time thus allowing registration through the Saturday before Election Day.

Tuesday February 28

SB 97, Public Financing of Campaign Fixes, sponsored by Sen. Peter Wirth, is on the agenda in House Local Government, Elections, Land Grant & Cultural Affairs Committee at 1:30 p.m. in Room 315.

New Mexico currently has three systems for public financing of campaigns: The Public Regulation Commission, Court of Appeals and the NM Supreme Court. This bill fixes current statutory language that is unconstitutional following recent case rulings, it prohibits candidates who run unopposed from receiving more than 10% of the public funding available to them, and prohibits the use of campaign funds for living expenses or compensation to the candidate or candidate’s family.

Please check in for an update from the Common Cause New Mexico team tomorrow so see what bills may be added to the committee calendar on the Democracy Wire page of our website!

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