More Good Government Bills to be Heard!

Posted by Viki Harrison on February 4, 2016

New Mexico Legislative Session

Modernizing Voting and Adding Access

Tomorrow morning (Feb. 5) at 8:30 AM in the House Government, Elections and Indian Affairs Committee, Rep. Jeff Steinborn will present HB 138 to allow 17 year olds to vote in primaries if they will be 18 by the general election. Common Cause New Mexico has supported this legislation, along with our numerous election administration coalition, for several years and we will be there tomorrow to stand in support of this great bill again!

Allowing 17 year olds to vote in primaries promotes democracy for our future. Encouraging people of all ages to register to vote and participate in their government is crucial to the continued viability of our democracy and to ensuring a robust political debate. Particularly, we already trust young people to protect our democracy through military service – teaching them early about the pride and importance of civic participation is equally important.

Well, that was Fast! Let’s Consolidate Elections for Better Participation

HB 143, sponsored by Rep. Paul Bandy, to consolidate elections is scheduled for tomorrow afternoon (Feb. 5) at 1:30 PM in the House Judiciary Committee. Common Cause New Mexico very much supports combining elections and holding all elections at the same time year after year so we can increase our participation and save money at the same time!

The County Clerks Association stated in the a prior year response to similar legislation that without election date consolidation, voters will continue to be confused with regard to voting locations and voting dates for various elections that do not carry federal candidates. Additionally, entities responsible for holding elections will continue to spend thousands of tax dollars on elections with little public participation.

And Ethics Should Happen Tomorrow!

Yep, we have been told that HJR 5 to create an independent ethics commission will be heard by the full House tomorrow afternoon during the second floor session. So please make those calls to your Representatives in the morning and let them know you support this important constitutional amendment that will give all New Mexicans the chance to vote on creating the kind of oversight in New Mexico that 86% of us want!

Office: Common Cause National, Common Cause New Mexico

Issues: Voting and Elections, Voting and Elections, Ethics, Ethics

Tags: Access to Voting , Registration and Voting Systems, Count Every Vote New Mexico, Creating an Ethics Commission , State Ethics

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