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Americans deserve open, honest, accountable government.

We’re working to deliver it.

Tired of dysfunctional government? We don't blame you. It’s easy to get discouraged by special interest politics and partisan gridlock. But don't let your discouragement become apathy. 

We know how to fix our democracy. It starts with putting an end to partisan redistricting, limiting the undue influence of money in elections, encouraging broad voter participation, and ensuring diverse, accessible, and accountable media. This is how we fix our democracy, and this is exactly what Common Cause Massachusetts wants to work with you to achieve. 

Join us in saying “No!” to our gerrymander rigged, big money political system, and “Yes!” to open, honest, and accountable democracy.

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Early Voting Graphic

Early Voting Challenge

The Massachusetts Election Modernization Coalition is working to encourage a robust implementation of the state's new Early Voting law. Learn More ›

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Voter Protection 2014

We live in an information age, but misinformation is an all-too-prevalent part of modern elections, as partisans seek to depress turnout in targeted communities. Election saboteurs typically distribute literature publicizing erroneous voting hours and/or polling places. Some also use computer-generated "robocalls," and email chains to contact hundreds of voters simultaneously with deceptive messages; others distribute misinformation geared toward intimidating targeted voter groups and keeping them away from the polls. Learn More ›

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Massachusetts Disclosure Act

We must update state disclosure laws to reflect the millions of new special interest dollars flooding our elections. Learn More ›

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