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Americans deserve open, honest, accountable government.

We’re working to deliver it.

Tired of dysfunctional government? We don't blame you. It’s easy to get discouraged by special interest politics and partisan gridlock. But don't let your discouragement become apathy. 

We know how to fix our democracy. It starts with putting an end to partisan redistricting, limiting the undue influence of money in elections, encouraging broad voter participation, and ensuring diverse, accessible, and accountable media. This is how we fix our democracy, and this is exactly what Common Cause Massachusetts wants to work with you to achieve. 

Join us in saying “No!” to our gerrymander rigged, big money political system, and “Yes!” to open, honest, and accountable democracy.

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Massachusetts Disclosure Act

We must update state disclosure laws to reflect the millions of new special interest dollars flooding our elections. Learn More ›

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Public Records Maze

21st Century Public Records

Our public records law is broken. Journalists, concerned citizens, and others with a need "and right" to know how our government is working often can't get information. Executive branch and municipal records are supposed to be public unless specifically exempt, but they have become functionally inaccessible due to excessive cost, technological barriers, and administrative obstruction or delay. Learn More ›

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Election Modernization

There are many common sense election modernization measures, like Election Day Registration and early voting, that many other states have already adopted and implemented and that would greatly reduce barriers to voter participation and increase the accuracy of election results. Learn More ›

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