In a modern, equitable democracy, every eligible voter must be able to make their voice heard at the ballot box.

The COVID-19 pandemic posed an enormous hurdle to accessible, equitable, and secure elections in 2020. Yet, Massachusetts citizens set voter participation records. 

Voters were able to do so — and participate safely and securely — thanks to a package of reforms that we passed, including mail-in voting, expanded early voting options, and myriad changes that enabled election officials to facilitate secure elections. Those reforms must be made permanent. 

The VOTES Act will do just that. It is a comprehensive elections bill that will allow Massachusetts citizens to keep the voting options that worked for them in fall 2020, and ensure novel elections infrastructure does not go to waste.

Building on the lessons of 2020 — that we must work actively to protect and strengthen our democracy, that the fight for racial equity is far from over, and that when elections are accessible, people vote — the VOTES Act does more. It includes badly-needed reforms to ensure eligible incarcerated voters have meaningful access to the ballot. It would bring Same Day Voter Registration to Massachusetts. It would ensure that Automatic Voter Registration, which we passed in 2018, is corrected to capture as many eligible voters as possible and ensure our voter registration rolls are up-to-date and secure.

The VOTES Act will build equitable, accessible, and secure elections in Massachusetts.

Our democracy works best when everyone can make their voice heard, and hold government accountable. The VOTES Act will ensure just that. It includes:

  • Mail-in voting
  • Expanded early voting options
  • Same Day Registration
  • Jail-based voting reforms
  • Risk limiting audits
  • Corrected Automatic Voter Registration
  • A deadline to implement the Electronic Registration Information Center (ERIC)

Together, these reforms will improve equity and access to the ballot for all eligible voters, strengthen our elections infrastructure, and build more secure elections.

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