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Open Government Groups Applaud Senate Public Records Legislation, Call it a Strong Reform

January 28, 2016

The Massachusetts State Senate today released legislation to reform the Massachusetts public records law and announced a vote on the subject next week. Open government groups, which comprise the steering committee of the Massachusetts Freedom of Information Alliance, lauded the reform and called for swift passage. The new bill, released by the Senate Ways and Means Committee today, follows passage of a much weaker bill in the House of Representative last November.

2016 Legislative Session Begins – 
Chance to ‘Fix Our Politics’ Here in Maryland

January 13, 2016

With the General Assembly open for action, Common Cause Maryland sees an opportunity to answer President Obama’s State of the Union call here in Maryland. Common Cause Maryland is pushing a broad set of reforms aimed at empowering citizens, protecting the constitution, and ensuring that the government is both open and fair – so that the politics of division and inflexibility can be overcome.

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Abbott Invites Constitutional Chaos

January 8, 2016

Gov. Greg Abbott’s call today for a “convention of states” to amend the constitution is an invitation to constitutional anarchy. While Article V of the Constitution provides for such a convention, one has never been called. There are no limits on what a convention might do or provisions for how it would operate, how states would be represented or who would represent them.

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California's Top Court Affirms Citizen Right to Advise Lawmakers

January 4, 2016

California’s highest court has opened this election year with an important message to voters everywhere, affirming their right to advise their representatives in Washington on the importance of reducing the influence of big money in politics, Common Cause said today.

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With Adelson as Owner, Las Vegas Paper Needs Independent Public Editor

December 22, 2015

Nevada’s largest newspaper should appoint an independent public editor with authority to monitor and fully report on conflicts of interest and other ethical issues growing out of the paper’s sale to billionaire casino magnate and Republican mega-donor Sheldon Adelson, Common Cause said today.

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Omnibus Bill Would Invite More Secret Money Into Elections

December 16, 2015

“If Congress can’t pass a clean omnibus appropriations bill, it should go back to the drawing board and pass a resolution to keep the government open while it crafts a new omnibus bill without ideological riders or giveaways to wealthy special interests.

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