Arizona: Sweeping New Anti-Voting Legislation Heads to Senate Floor

PHOENIX — Today, The Arizona Senate Elections Committee voted to pass HCR2056 with a strike-all amendment designed to dismantle the state’s voting and elections process. The legislation and its amendments passed 4-3 on partisan lines and now heads for a floor vote.

As it currently stands, HCR2056 would be detrimental to the integrity of Arizona’s elections. The amendments would end drop-off voting on Election Day; replace vote centers with outdated, precinct-style voting; require on-site ballot tabulation; and would add new voter ID barriers for dropping off a ballot. 

If passed through the legislature, the HCR2056 would then be referred to voters during the general election this fall.

Statement from Common Cause Arizona Program Director Jenny Guzman 

“We cannot afford to compromise Arizonans’ access to the ballot. If this overreaching referral passes, voters will be severely inconvenienced and, in many cases, barred from making their voices heard. 

Beyond attacking the integrity of our elections system itself, this legislation would disenfranchise hundreds of thousands of voters who will be forced to reckon with longer lines in Arizona’s extreme heat.

All voters deserve to be able to equally and equitably cast their ballot, and that means having a voting and election process that is convenient and accessible. The impact of this referral is unprecedented in Arizona, and will only serve to harm our elections and voters.”