Minnesota Live Streaming Event! Voting Rights Debate

Posted on September 16, 0013

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Minnesota Live Streaming this Tuesday!

This Tuesday, Sept. 17th, Common Cause Executive Director Jeremy Schroeder will take part in a four person panel to discuss the current state of voting rights, the affects of the recent Shelby case and what it means to Minnesotans.



Tuesday, Sept. 17th

6-8 pm CST



Jeremy Schroeder - Executive Director, Common Cause Minnesota

Laura Fredrick Wang - former Executive Director League of Women Voters MN

Dan McGrath- President, Minnesota Majority

Ian Zuckerman- Professor, UMD Political Science

Live event will be at the University of Minnesota, Duluth, Room LSci 175

Check out the flyer for the event here: VOTER ID digital

Office: Common Cause Minnesota

Issues: Voting and Elections, Voting and Elections

Tags: Voting Rights

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