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Phone: (608) 256-2686 | Email: smiller@commoncause.org

As Director of Information Services & Outreach, Sandra organizes and implements outreach, educational programs and research for key campaigns, primarily around voting rights, fair courts and redistricting reform, and collaborates with local and state advocacy groups and coalition partners. Sandra also manages the organization’s digital communications, social media, and website.

Sandra comes to Common Cause in Wisconsin with a background in advocacy, outreach, training and management. Prior to joining our team, she was an independent health advocate and blogger, helping form a large online community for families with diabetic children. Sandra also served as a childbirth and maternal health educator, after having spent the first 12 years of her career in the for-profit sector as a Training Consultant for an IT network consulting firm, and the Operations VP for a Boston-area marketing agency.

Sandra holds a Bachelor of Arts in English, graduating summa cum laude.


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