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Phone: (608) 256-2686 | Email: jheck@commoncause.org

For the past 22 years, Jay Heck has been the Executive Director of Common Cause in Wisconsin. He is the chief spokesperson and leads the organization in all facets of its operation. In addition to lobbying for CC/WI, Jay devises and directs all fundraising, legislative and program strategy, media appearances, positions on issues (in consultation with the CC/WI Board), and all other activities, including supervision of staff and determining budget priorities and execution.

Prior to joining CC/WI in 1996, Jay spent eight years as a top adviser and legislative strategist for the Wisconsin State Senate Majority Leader and eight years as the legislative director and campaign director and chief fund raiser for a Member of the U.S. House of Representatives. He also served as a state director and staff member for a U.S. Presidential candidate.

Jay holds a Bachelor of Arts with honors in political science and history.

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