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Yes! I Will Help Common Cause Wisconsin Protect Our Democracy

Though this year came with its highs and lows, one message rang loud and clear: We The People are committed to democracy – and we’re willing to put in the work to defend it.

With your continued support, we’ll keep fighting for a democracy that works for all of us here in Wisconsin. And that’s because change doesn’t just take place on Election Day — democracy starts with people like you and me taking an active role in our communities and working on the issues that affect us and our families.

And on this Giving Tuesday, the biggest impact you can make — as a voter, an activist, or a citizen — is on the state and local level. Will you chip in and fuel our efforts to ensure that our democracy works for all of us?

Holding Power Accountable

Let's End Gerrymandering in Wisconsin

We should pick our politicians; politicians shouldn’t pick their voters.

About Common Cause Wisconsin

Common Cause Wisconsin is working to protect our democracy by holding our state government accountable, fighting for an open, honest, reflective democracy that ensures our elected officials serve the people’s interest, rather than powerful special interests. Join the movement and help us restore Wisconsin to its place as a model of democracy for the entire country.

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Ensure a Reflective Democracy

Common Cause Wisconsin is dedicated to fair maps and impartially drawn districts so that our government is truly of, by, and for the people.

Reduce Money’s Influence

Money has too much influence in our politics and elections. Common Cause Wisconsin is working to create a democracy where we the people have an equal voice.

Demand Impartial Justice

Wisconsinites deserve access to fair and impartial justice in our courts – free from the potential influence of campaign and special interest money.

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