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Eligible voters in Wisconsin deserve easy access to voting and a secure process that encourages voter participation, not confusion–or worse, disenfranchisement. Common Cause in Wisconsin has developed resources, and conducted research and outreach to make it easier for all eligible Wisconsinites to cast a ballot.

Voting & Elections Campaigns...

Election Protection

We're mobilizing volunteers and organizations on Election Day to answer questions and assist voters.

Access to Voting

We're making it easier for more eligible voters to participate in our elections.

What you can do...

Ensure a Reflective Democracy

Common Cause Wisconsin is dedicated to fair maps and impartially drawn districts so that our government is truly of, by, and for the people.

Reduce Money’s Influence

Money has too much influence in our politics and elections. Common Cause Wisconsin is working to create a democracy where we the people have an equal voice.

Demand Impartial Justice

Wisconsinites deserve access to fair and impartial justice in our courts – free from the potential influence of campaign and special interest money.

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