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Washington Post: To unlock the youth vote in 2020, Democrats wage legal fights against GOP-backed voting restrictions

Activists lost a battle in 2015 over Wisconsin’s voter ID law, for instance, but Common Cause Wisconsin filed a lawsuit in April arguing that the same law discriminates against college students. The measure requires student IDs to include a signature, an issuance date and an expiration date no more than two years after the issuance date — features that are not always included on cards issued by universities.


Janesville Gazette: Geography as destiny: As Paul Ryan exits, will it be more of the same?

Some voters in the 1st Congressional District weren’t born the last time a Democrat won the seat. They might have to wait a while longer. Republican Rep. Paul Ryan is retiring after 20 years in office. He leaves a legacy of strong Republican support and a district whose boundaries have shifted to exclude Democrats and include more Republicans.


WISN-TV, UpFront with Mike Gousha: "SCOTUS ruling in Wisconsin case expected soon"

Jay Heck of Common Cause in Wisconsin explains the ramifications of a Wisconsin gerrymandering case that is now before the U.S. Supreme Court.

Money & Influence 05.30.2018

Wisconsin Radio Network: "Analysis finds legislators received $164,000 in 2017 travel and perks"

Heck said 30 years ago, paid junkets were almost unheard of. And he says state ethics rules that prohibit lawmakers from accepting “anything of value” need to be tightened up.

Money & Influence 05.29.2018

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel: "Wisconsin lawmakers got $164,000 in travel and perks last year from outside groups"

"Special interests are paying for it and everybody thinks that has an influence on what legislators are thinking and doing — because you're getting a free trip," said Jay Heck, director of the government watchdog group Common Cause in Wisconsin. "Of course you're going to be affected when you get a free trip ... That's just human nature."

Money & Influence 05.19.2018

Appleton Post Crescent: “Brad Schimel planned to keep secret records of trip, his emails show” by Kyle Keegan, USA Today Network

Wisconsin Attorney General Brad Schimel planned to keep secret a $4,100 trip last year that was funded by a Christian legal organization accused of being a hate group, according to newly released records.

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