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Door County Daily News: "Ohio’s vote gives more fuel for fight against gerrymandering in Wisconsin" by Tim Kowols

Seventy-five percent of Ohio residents voted in favor of new rules Tuesday to end the practice of partisan gerrymandering, add more momentum for other battles on the issue in states like Wisconsin.

Voting & Elections 04.4.2018

The American Prospect: "Wisconsin’s Scott Walker Versus the Blue Wave" by Mark Ossolinski

“It’s transparent. This was a power play,” Jay Heck, executive director of Common Cause Wisconsin, told the Prospect. “Everyone knew what was going on.”

The Progressive: "Wisconsin Votes a Blue Streak" by Bill Lueders

Wisconsin voters on Tuesday sent a stinging rebuke to the state Republican Party, rejecting its hand-picked candidate for state Supreme Court as well as an effort to eliminate a key watchdog position.

Voting & Elections 03.29.2018

Urban Milwaukee: "Not doing special elections hasn’t saved money, it’s actually cost taxpayers. A lot. " by Bruce Murphy

As Jay Heck of the nonpartisan Common Cause of Wisconsin noted to Urban Milwaukee, “Walker feared that a special election held in the 1st State Senate District and the 42nd Assembly would have produced Democratic victories which, in turn, would bode ill for his own re-election prospects.”

The Capital Times (Op-Ed): "Tyranny of the legislative majority would undermine democracy" by Jay Heck

The recent machinations by Gov. Scott Walker and the majority party in the Wisconsin Legislature were not rushed to the forefront of state government consideration to "save taxpayer dollars" or to "avoid confusion." There is not a single person in the Capitol — and very few outside of it — who believe that to be the case for a second.


WisconsinEye: Senate Committee on Elections and Utilities – Public Hearing

CC/WI Director Jay Heck's testimony against changes to Special Elections law begins at 2:18:57

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