Trump Resumes Russia Cover-up with Flynn Pardon

"The end of President Trump's term in office is ending where it began, under a cloud of doubt about Russia's influence over his administration and the 2016 election. Michael Flynn was an early and controversial appointment as the first of four National Security Advisors (two more men served as acting directors) and now is the first of what media reports suggest will be a string of controversial pardons. The president is pardoning a man who twice pleaded guilty and was convicted as part of cases stemming from the Mueller investigation. The Flynn pardon—on the eve of a holiday weekend when Americans are suffering from the coronavirus pandemic at home--is clearly part of the president's attempt to cover-up the truth about his relationship with Russia. The American people deserve a full accounting of all the damage that this administration has done as a result of its unique relationship with a historic adversary of the United States. The end of the Trump Administration is near. Among the many actions Congress must take to restore the rule of law, it should pass the Protecting Our Democracy Act, which includes accountability measures for self-serving presidential pardons."