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Common Cause South Carolina is a leader in the fight for government that works for everyone, not just the rich and powerful. We work in Columbia and in affiliation with the national Common Cause organization to advance a non-partisan, innovative, pragmatic, and comprehensive pro-democracy agenda.

We lobby the governor and state legislators – Democrat, Republican and independent – for bills that advance our agenda and ensure that everyone has full and fair representation. Through the years, we’ve put special emphasis on strengthening and enforcing tough ethical standards for public officials.

We played a leading role in lobbying for ethics laws passed in 2016 that require elected officials to list on their statements of economic interest the source and type of any private income they, their spouses and family members receive. The new laws also revamped the state’s eight-member Ethics Commission to investigate allegations against legislators, who previously investigated themselves.

We understand that in a democracy the ultimate power rests with “we the people.” Join us in harnessing that power to work for everyone.

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