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Money & Influence 11.14.2023

$182K loan, ethics filings tie Woonsocket mayor to developer in controversial land deal

Woonsocket Mayor Lisa Baldelli-Hunt's controversial $1.1 million land deal is under scrutiny.

Behind Closed Doors: The Ongoing Struggle for Public Records Access in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Monthly on the fight for access to public records.

Voting & Elections 08.29.2023

Is RI’s early voting period too long? GOP uses Carlson’s dropping out to say yes

Common Cause Rhode Island reminds the RI GOP that early voting was implemented in response to demand for it from voters.

Voting & Elections 08.29.2023

Carlson’s early exit renews calls for limiting early voting or using ranked-choice voting

Common Cause Rhode Island rejects recent calls to restrict early voting access.

Money & Influence 08.24.2023

What is ‘red-boxing’ and why is it an issue in R.I.’s congressional race?

John Marion weighs in on recent allegations of "red-boxing" by candidates in Rhode Island's First District congressional race.

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