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Voting & Elections 07.13.2018

Political Roundtable: Significance Of SEC Probe For RI

John Marion, executive director of the good government group Common Cause of Rhode Island, joins Political Roundtable to discuss an SEC probe with a Rhode Island link, the recent General Assembly session, and fallout from recent endorsement controveries.

Fear of census common for immigrants in R.I.

Omar Bah had sequestered himself on the back porch of a relative’s home, all the better to work on his doctoral dissertation, when he heard three hard knocks on the door. “They knocked on the door, very hard, like a police knock,” said Bah, an immigrant from The Gambia and executive director of Providence’s Refugee Dream Center.

Voting & Elections 06.28.2018

Probe sought over rent-free offices

A government watchdog group wants an investigation into whether a Rhode Island real estate developer tried to curry favor with politicians of both parties by giving them free campaign offices. John Marion, the executive director of Common Cause, filed a campaign finance complaint earlier against Republican gubernatorial candidate Allan W. Fung after WPRI-TV reported that the ...

Money & Influence 06.25.2018

Trillo says pro-Fung billboards violate campaign-finance law HIDE CAPTION Cranston Mayor Allan Fung has been accused of violating campaign finance law in connection with digital billboards in North Providence endorsing his candidacy for governor. [The Providence Journal, file / Glenn Osmundson]

Fung’s campaign for Rhode Island governor violated campaign finance law by using digital billboards in North Providence touting his candidacy and not reporting it in campaign finance documents, independent gubernatorial candidate Joe Trillo said Monday.

Governor Gets More CRMC-Appointment Power

One of the few environmental bills passed by the General Assembly in 2018 gives the governor greater authority to make appointments to the Coastal Resources Management Council (CRMC). The changes may seem minor, but the fix to the committee overseeing waterfront development and coastal regulations makes it the last state entity to abide by Rhode Island's separation-of-powers rules.

Media & Democracy 06.23.2018

R.I. General Assembly grinds to conclusion of 2018 legislative session

The 2018 legislative session that began on a wintry day in January ended just before midnight on Saturday after a daylong flurry of votes on scores of bills still in play right up until the very last moment.

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