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Voting & Elections 01.21.2019

More than 1,200 ballots recreated on Election Day after printer problems

More than 1,200 ballots had to be remade by hand by a R.I. Board of Elections employee in the most recent general election, according to records reviewed by Target 12. Elections officials said it’s hard to compare the number to previous years because of a recent change in technology, but they noticed it was a larger number of what they call “remakes” than usual.

Voting & Elections 01.16.2019

RI Officials Cheer Court Order To Remove Citizenship Question From 2020 Census

A federal judge has rejected a proposed citizenship question for the 2020 Census. John Bender reports, Rhode Island communities were among the plaintiffs in the suit.

Voting & Elections 01.16.2019

To enhance election security, Rhode Island tests a new way to verify election results

Rhode Island is making good on its promise to road-test risk-limiting election audits, following 2017 passage of legislation by the Rhode Island General Assembly, requiring them. Beginning with the presidential primary in April 2020, Rhode Island will become the second state to require these audits to verify election results.

Voting & Elections 11.28.2018

RI voter turnout rose this year, but not to record level

Rhode Island voters cast ballots in fairly strong numbers for this month's election, official figures show, though the state did not set a turnout record the way some states did.

Voting & Elections 11.28.2018

Gorbea repeats her call for early voting in Rhode Island

The demand for mail ballots in the recent election shows the need to allow for early voting, Rhode Island’s secretary of state said Wednesday.

Voting & Elections 10.30.2018

Time running out for early voting in Massachusetts, mail ballots in RI

It's a week until Election Day 2018. William Galvin, Secretary of the Commonwealth for Massachusetts, sent out a reminder that Tuesday, Oct. 30, marks four days left to vote early; early voting closes on Friday, Nov. 2.

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