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Voting & Elections 02.28.2019

State Senator proposes reforms to voting, campaigning accessibility

State Senator Gayle Goldin (D-Providence) sponsored five bills proposing various reforms to the way Rhode Island voters and candidates participate in the electoral process.

Voting & Elections 02.27.2019

Campaign Finance Advocates Renew Push To Make Rhode Island Elections More Competitive

A newly introduced bill in the General Assembly aims to make legislative and statewide elections in Rhode Island more competitive by giving under-funded candidates financial help against deeper-pocketed rivals.

Voting & Elections 02.25.2019

Committee Begins Work To Ensure Accurate 2020 Census Count

State leaders are worried Rhode Island will be undercounted in the 2020 Census. A group of volunteers, including elected officials, policy makers, activists, and members of the private sector are trying to change that.

Rhode Island could lose one of its two U.S. House seats and maybe federal money too. Can it come together to ensure an accurate census count?

The last time a U.S. census form arrived in the mail, Marcela Betancur helped her mother fill it out.

Voting & Elections 02.16.2019

Dueling bills call for early voting in Rhode Island

Rhode Island lawmakers this year will likely be confronted with two competing proposals to make it easier to vote before Election Day, as state elections officials warn of possible calamity if laws are not changed before 2020.

Voting & Elections 02.1.2019

All The Reasons The 2020 Census Is Shaping Up To Be A Disaster

John Marion says Rhode Island represents the “ghost of Christmas future.” Last spring, the Ocean State was home to the first and only trial run for the 2020 census, which was conducted in 637,000-strong, immigrant-heavy Providence County.

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