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Ethics in Rhode Island? Common Cause executive director, joins WUN for a live conversation

John Marion, executive director of Common Cause Rhode Island looks ahead to the upcoming legislative session and talks about the major challenges that Rhode Island and its municipalities face in the year ahead.

Ethics 04.19.2019

Bill would restore R.I. lawmakers’ ability to post their photos on General Assembly website

Rhode Island’s legislative leaders are pushing for fast action on a new bill to reinstate a lost perk, to wit: their ability to run photos of themselves and other incumbent lawmakers on the General Assembly website — and official social-media accounts — during election season.

State Senate bill would consolidate power in president’s hands

At least one senator denounced the proposed changes, and Common Cause called them ‘disappointing.’ Amid an uptick in member dissent, Senate leaders are proposing changes to its rules that would enshrine longstanding customs, consolidate power in the hands of the Senate president and prevent a filibuster from ever happening in Rhode Island again.

Nesi’s Notes: Jan. 12

Gina Raimondo will be two weeks into her new term on Tuesday, but her State of the State address that night will mark the real kickoff of her second four years in office. The governor will arrive on the House rostrum in so-so shape politically: the latest quarterly Morning Consult poll gives her a middling 43% job approval rating, around where it's always been, but her double-digit re-election win in November replenished her political capital.

TGIF: Ian Donnis’ Politics/Media Roundup For January 11

The legislative session in Rhode Island is off to a fast start, thanks to a vigorous debate on House rules. There’s a lot more happening, so thanks for stopping by for my weekly column. As usual, your tips and comments are welcome, and you can follow me through the week on the twitters. Here we go.

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