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State officials will try once again to reform APRA laws

Will recent high-profile issues inspire the legislature to make changes to ARPA this session?

Opinion: The bridge Rhode Island has come to: Reforming the Access to Public Records Act

The public demands better accountability from government officials. Thankfully, two lawmakers have introduced bills to reinforce the public’s right to know.

Media & Democracy 02.1.2024

McKee orders refunds after RIDOT charges news outlets for bridge docs

“Given the extraordinary public interest in the bridge debacle it made no sense that RIDOT charged any media outlets for the records."

Media & Democracy 02.1.2024

How much is that public records request? McKee orders RIDOT to refund news outlets

John Marion says RIDOT’s decision to charge media outlets is “not a great precedent.”

Behind Closed Doors: The Ongoing Struggle for Public Records Access in Rhode Island

Rhode Island Monthly on the fight for access to public records.

Good-government advocates fault state’s refusal to release RISP misconduct records

Transparency experts criticize Rhode Island Attorney General Peter F. Neronha’s office's decision to deny an Access to Public Records request filed by the Providence Journal for documents detailing a former Rhode Island State Police lieutenant colonel’s alleged dishonesty.

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