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Money & Influence 03.22.2019

The Hummel Report: Principle or personal? Costs soar in R.I. public-records battle

The state Board of Elections has spent more than $12,000 over the last 10 months defending its decision to charge former gubernatorial candidate Ken Block $410 to fulfill a public-records request. Is the fight a matter of principle and legal precedent for the board, or an act of retaliation against a longtime adversary?

Money & Influence 02.7.2019

Legislative Jobs For District 15 Voters Have Multiplied During Mattiello’s Time As RI Speaker

The number of patronage jobs from House Speaker Nicholas Mattiello’s Cranston district has almost tripled during Mattiello’s time as speaker. Patronage jobs are one of the tools that a legislative leader like Mattiello can use to reinforce his own political power at the Statehouse.

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