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Letter to Congress Requesting Oversight Hearings on the Trump Administration’s Dealings with ZTE, the Chinese government, and Ivanka Trump’s Chinese Trademarks

Letter to Government Officials

We respectfully ask you to hold oversight hearings to investigate the Administration’s interactions with ZTE and the Chinese government to determine if there were any laws and/or regulations that were broken.

Over 300 Civil Rights, Faith, and Labor Leaders Demand Oversight on Census Citizenship Question

Letter to Government Officials

We urge the Committee on Homeland Security and Government Affairs to conduct oversight hearings on the Commerce Secretary’s decision to add a citizenship question to the decennial census as soon as possible.

Money & Influence 03.1.2018

Letter to Congress to Oppose Poison Pill Campaign Finance Riders in FY18 Omnibus Appropriations Bill

Letter to Government Officials

We strongly urge you to oppose all campaign finance riders from being included in the FY18 Omnibus Appropriations legislation passed by Congress.

Letter from Reform Groups to Speaker Ryan on Russian Intervention in U.S. Elections

Letter to Government Officials

Groups Call Out Speaker Ryan for His Failure to Take Any Action Against Foreign Intervention in Future Elections: Letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan

Letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan to remove Chairman Nunes from Russia Investigation

Letter to Government Officials

Watchdogs Challenge Irresponsible Nunes Memo that Trump Reportedly May Use to Get Rid of Deputy AG Rosenstein: Letter to House Speaker Paul Ryan

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