Common Cause Virginia Statement on Resignations of County Election Staff

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RICHMOND — Buckingham County was temporarily without election department staff after the department’s four staffers quit over the last two months. The rural county’s election team, stressed by an influx of baseless voter fraud claims, left their jobs due to the growing pressure caused by election denial and disinformation.

Similar scenarios have unfolded in Montana, Arizona and Texas over the last year, as election officials and workers have left their jobs from the stress of dealing with harassment, and even death threats, from election deniers. 


Statement from Lauren Coletta, Common Cause Virginia’s Senior Advisor

Common Cause Virginia strongly supports the dedicated election administrators, workers, and volunteers who work year-round ensuring Virginia’s elections are safe and secure. Their time and effort is what makes it possible for every voter to feel heard when they cast their ballot.

Voter fraud is an exceedingly rare occurrence, and bad actors in places like Buckingham County are using lies, disinformation, and outrageous claims to deceive voters into believing otherwise. Their goal is to sow doubt in the strength of our election systems and those who uphold our democracy.  

We must protect the integrity of our elections and the rights of every voter. Allowing election deniers to call into question the will of the people is un-American and has no place in a well-functioning democracy.


Statement from Deb Wake, President of the League of Women Voters of Virginia 

Election workers live in the communities they serve and are your neighbors, family members, congregation members and school district members. They care about the community. They serve the voters, not political parties and take pride in conducting a well-run election. 

Election Day is a long work day but election staff work year-round to implement laws passed by Virginia’s General Assembly and to help voters register and exercise their right to vote. These public servants deserve our praise and appreciation for their dedication to the fabric of our representative democracy —which is elections.