Trump Administration Playing Partisan Games With Election Security

In reaction to the Director of National Intelligence ending in-person briefings to congressional leaders on election security, Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn released the following statement:

“Americans deserve secure and fair elections, but the Trump administration is putting our national security and the integrity of our elections at risk. Our representatives in Congress must know about election interference attempts in real time. By denying Congress – a co-equal branch of government – the ability to receive in-person timely election security briefings and ask questions from intelligence officers, the Trump administration is trying to diminish awareness of the ongoing attacks on our democracy from foreign actors. 

President Trump’s Director of National Intelligence failing to provide in-person intelligence briefings for Congress on election security is essentially an open invitation to nation states such as Russia and China to continue to meddle in our elections. 

Bipartisan congressional oversight of the integrity and security of our elections has been one of the only ways Americans have found out the truth about the attacks on our democracy from hostile foreign and domestic actors. Congress must have the information it needs to protect every American’s fundamental right to vote and the security of our elections.”

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