Manafort Guilty Plea & Cooperation Underscores Need to Protect Special Counsel Investigation

Statement of Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn

Paul Manafort’s plea deal will surely tempt President Trump to consider pardoning his associates, or firing senior Justice Department officials or Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or take other steps to sabotage the investigation of the Russian attack on the 2016 presidential race. Congress must stand ready to take decisive action if President Trump abuses the power of his office by obstructing justice. Such blatant obstruction by the President must be a line in the sand that, if crossed, will trigger immediate Congressional action. The Republican majority in Congress must put their country before their party.

The latest Mueller plea adds to the stacks of convictions, plea deals, and indictments secured by the Special Counsel’s investigation. The American people expect and demand that this investigation be allowed to run its course. Our nation was attacked by a hostile foreign government. The Special Counsel is tasked with getting to the bottom of that attack and Congress must ensure that happens. Americans expect no less. The American people expect and deserve no less.

No American is above the law, including the President. It is the duty of Congress to serve as a check on any abuse of power. Americans are watching closely.