Honoring the Legacy of Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Statement of Karen Hobert Flynn, President of Common Cause

Justice Ginsburg was a stalwart defender of our democracy and the rule of law. Throughout her term on the Court, she was a key voice in protecting all Americans’ rights and liberties. Justice Ginsburg was a champion for gender equality, racial justice, LGBTQ+ rights, voting rights, commonsense campaign finance laws, fair redistricting, and more.

Asked to name the worst ruling by the current Court, Ginsburg replied: “If there was one decision I would overrule, it would be Citizens United. I think the notion that we have all the democracy that money can buy strays so far from what our democracy is supposed to be. So that’s number one on my list. … Perhaps number three would be Shelby County, involving essentially the destruction of the Voting Rights Act.”

As widely reported, just days before her death, Justice Ginsburg dictated this statement to her granddaughter Clara Spera: “My most fervent wish is that I will not be replaced until a new president is installed.” President Trump and Senate Majority Leader McConnell must honor her wish.

The Advice and Consent clause was intended by the Framers of the Constitution to be a serious and deliberative process, not one that is rushed, or timed to achieve maximum political leverage weeks before the election. Common Cause calls on every U.S. Senator of conscience to do everything in their power to ensure a thorough, careful, and transparent vetting process. A rushed confirmation before the election or during the lame duck Senate session will only increase cynicism among the American people and further undermine the legitimacy of the Supreme Court.

Rest in power, Justice Ginsburg. 

May her memory be a blessing.