We Must Count Every Vote

Statement of Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn

We must count every vote and let election officials do their job. That’s how our democracy works. Once the results are in, and every vote has been counted, the people will have spoken. President Trump’s consistent use of the Bully Pulpit of the presidency, the biggest megaphone on earth, to spread conspiracy theories, disinformation, and lies risks the lives of Americans, including our friends and neighbors working as election officials to make sure every vote is counted. Trump’s attacks on predominantly Black cities like Philadelphia and Detroit is divisive and blatantly racist. He wants to suppress the votes of Black and Brown Americans, but he wants the vote counting to continue in Arizona.  

But in the last few weeks Americans have voted in historic numbers. The people have spoken. In America, it is voters who determine the future of our country and who will lead us to strengthen our democracy and its institutions so they reflect the will of all Americans, as well as solve the major issues we face, including providing relief to families and businesses struggling in the COVID-19 pandemic.