Congressional Republicans Make Dismantling Office of Ethics Priority Number One

WASHINGTON, DC. — As the new Congress convenes today, House Republicans are plotting to advance a rules package that would cripple the independent Office of Congressional Ethics and prevent it from holding leaders accountable.  

The following is a statement from Aaron Scherb, Common Cause senior director of legislative affairs. 

“When Americans went to the polls last November, they voted to uphold our core democratic values— a government that is accountable to the people. 

Now, on the very first day of a new Congress, Republicans have put ethics, accountability, and transparency on the chopping block. 

This isn’t their first attempt either. Repeatedly, Republicans in Congress have unsuccessfully sought to do away with the rules and remove the referees altogether. 

This disgraceful attempt to get rid of ethics rules has failed before and it will fail again. 

That’s because no matter where we come from or who we vote for, we believe no one is above the law—especially members of Congress.”